How To Possum Proof Your Roof?

Possums are cute, little furry animals that give no reason to hate them. But the moment they decide to move into your premises problems begin. There are countless reasons that mark possums as pests, including their noisy and destructive characteristics. In addition to that, these nocturnal marsupials leave an unpleasant and disgusting odour with their droppings and urine.

And in some cases, they are responsible for spreading multiple diseases through food contamination, including relapsing fever, spotted fever, leptospirosis, etc.  So, maintaining a safe distance from possums is a great idea. In case you question how to possum proof your roof, this write-up is a must-read for you! Here we have discussed a few foolproof solutions that can keep these animals away from your roof, while not hurting the iconic beauty of Australian Wildlife.  

Possum Proof Your Roof

How To Possum Proof Your Roof: Ways To Follow

Possums as pests can be a real pain! Read ahead to learn how to possum proof your roof easily and conveniently.

  • Prune And Trim The Branches Of The Neighbouring Tree

Do you have tall trees with long branches close to your roof? If yes, possums can make their way to your home using it. So, one of the finest ways to block the easy entrance for the possums, you must consider pruning and trimming the branches. Instead of handling it yourselves, you better seek assistance from the experts. Possums are more likely to detect that one single or couple of brunch possums could use to enter your attic. And pruning those specific branches can halt them from invading your property secretly.  Also, DIY tactics can lead to self-injuries, so better leave the job in the hands of professionals who have commercial-grade safe tools.

  • Use Of Possum Repellents

The homeowners who have used the possum repellents have always offered a mixed response. While some say the repellents really have worked others oppose it. Well, you can give the repellents a try and see whether it has worked in your possum infestation case. First of all, we want to make it clear that the possum repellents do not harm the animal.

These products just work on the senses of the furry animals and keep them away.  Quassia chips and tabasco sauce are two things that work as effective repellents for the possums. Possums also hate the smells of mothballs, garlic, ammonia, etc., Use any of this repellent and keep it around their sealed entry points. 

  • Use Of Bright Lights Or Spotlights

Possums are sensitive to bright lights. Taking its advantage, you can plan a preventive barrier for the pest. Make an assessment of your roof or attic and find the spots through which the possums can invade. After that, install spotlights or bright lights in those areas. When the spotlight will flash on them, the possums will escape in fear.

  • Make The Lattice And Deck Posts Slippery

The lattice and deck posts you have installed to make your home gorgeous can be liable for possum invasion. Possums easily slip through the lattice and make their entry to your roof. But you can halt their entrance by placing some smooth metal and plastic around those decorative features. As a result, the possums will loosen their grip and slip every time they try to climb through them.

  • Seal The Entry Points

Whenever you would ask anyone:’ how to possum proof your roof,’ the most common answer you will get is to seal the entry points. And this trick does work. But you have to seal all the possible entrances correctly. You can try the simple DIY paper test to learn whether your roof cavity is the access point of the possums. For this, you need to take a few papers, scrunch them and place them in the cavity. If the paper falls out, mark it as their entry point and seal them as immediately as possible. Professionals use strong mesh, timbre, sturdy sheeting, etc., for sealing those points. 

  • Employ Electronic Devices

There are a few motion-activated ultrasonic tools and devices available in the market that are solely made to prevent marsupial-like pests including possums. When possums are near and they cross the sensor, the device is triggered and scares away the possums with high-pitched sounds; those sounds are comfortable for humans.

  • Cut The Food Sources Supply

Possums mainly get into your house in search of food. And if you eradicate the food sources, you can prevent these marsupials from entering your home. Possums are omnivores that feed on almost everything available. So, make sure to cover your litter bin properly,  clean your BBQ precisely and try to feed your pets inside the house. Also, clean up the scattered food particles and remaining food in the bowl when they are done eating.

If you have a fruit garden, pick up all fruits that are dropped, or use a net to prevent the fruits from dropping in the garden. In case you have a habit of feeding the birds, practise it either in the late morning or mid-afternoon. Make sure there is no birdseed scattered here and there around your home.  There is one more thing you should keep in mind, possums are wildlife creatures, they are not meant to be pets. So, if you show love and affection by feeding them, it will remove the fear of humans in them. And when you stop feeding them, they can show their aggressive nature. 

  • Let Them Have An Alternative Shelter

Possums, especially the brushtail ones, need a den to survive. Without a proper den, they can come across several daytime threats, including bird attacks. But if you show a little empathy for these wildlife creatures and install a possum box on a nearby tree can help. To allure them to stay in their new home, you can place a few fruits in the box. They will happily stay there, instead of invading your roof.

What To Do If The Listed ‘How-tos’ Fail To Show Results?

Possums are cosseted wildlife, so you can remove them, but without hurting them. If all these above-listed ‘how-tos’ do not show any positive outcome, the only option left is appointing licensed possum catchers for the task. Followed by the removal process, you should get the entrance points sealed immediately. As per state law, you can release the marsupials within 25 metres of the area where they are captured. So, if you do not seal the entrances, they will reoccupy their former shelter.

Get ready for the mission now that you know how to possum-proof your roof. In case you need any sort of help, our local, certified, and competent possum catchers are available for you all around the clock. With more than decades in the industry, we have been serving our reliable possum catching and relocating services and preserving the possum families.

Is It A Possum Or A Rat In My Roof?

Is It A Possum Or A Rat In My Roof?

Are you getting strange scratching, deafening, or scrapping noises from your roof? It’s probably the nocturnal mammals staying in your property rent-free. These pests not only irritate you and give you sleepless nights but also are liable to multiple life-threatening diseases through food contamination. Well, it could either be a rat or a possum, each having its specific extermination process. In case you are wondering is it a possum or rat in my roof, this write-up is a must-read for you. Here, we are gonna disclose all the features, even the most minute ones that can help you distinguish a rat from a possum, making the extermination process easy, convenient, and hassle-free for you. With no more delay, let’s dive into it!

Possum Or A Rat In My Roof

Is it a possum or rat in my roof: Aspects that sets apart a rat from a possum

Killing possums is against the law in Australia, so if you harm a marsupial mistaking it for a rat, you can indulge yourself in serious legal conflicts. To be honest, with bare eyes, both rats and possums appear pretty similar, but if you look closely you can find out the below-listed differences:

Size of the two

At a quick glance, both rats and possums could look exactly the same, but you can tell them apart by their size. A Rat has a medium-sized body with a long hairless, skinny tail whereas possums are pretty big in size and have long bushy tails. Generally, depending on the habitat, a possum could measure around 2.5 ft in length and 1.7-14 lbs in weight. Well, the brown rats could be big, but it comes no nearer to the size of a possum. On average, brown rats can grow up to somewhere around 0.5 to 1lbs.

Difference in appearance

Possums and rats appear very different when you know them well. Rats are usually slender and have a general rodent-like physical appearance. The brown rats that are mostly mistaken as a possum due to their physical similarities have grey or dark brown fur with pink ears and feet and a long hairless tail. If it is a fancy rat, it will have a piebald, silver, or whitish-grey body. Possums generally have big grey bodies, some having white or brown coloured speckles in them. Unlike rats, possums have black ears. The latter has a prehensile hairless tail, which they can control and use as an appendage.

Noises both make

The noises you hear from your attic or roof tell much about the pest residing there. If you put a little more stress on your cochlea, you can easily differentiate the sound of a rat from that of a possum. Rats usually make a bustling or scuttering noise when their claws touch the cavity of your room.

On the other hand, possums are larger in size and make more scratching noises while running across your roof. Moreover, possums can also be spotted with their high-pitched, screechy calling sounds. Additionally, possums are nocturnal, so if you hear sounds at midnight or dawn, it is definitely a possum. Whereas rats leap in excitement making thud sounds all time of the day.

Droppings and urine stain

Though this aspect could sound a little disgusting, the droppings and urine stain can give you a clear idea when you wonder if is it a rat or possum on your roof. Possums love to stay in a single place, by making a hole through a plasterboard, so their urine stains and droppings are likely to be noticed in a small cluster area where they stay and sleep.

Contrastingly, rats move constantly unless they are nesting. So, you can find their dropping scattered here and there in your attic. Also, compared to rats, possums urinate more and the stains are deep. Moreover, rat droppings appear thin, small, and pellet alike but possum droppings are bigger.

The response each pest makes

There is a fantastic way with which you can find out whether it’s a rat or a possum i.e., the manner by which they respond to human presence. Rats are tiny secretive and clever pests that immediately stop their activities and hide when they sense a human presence. But possums are different. They keep munching on their food or keep making sounds for a few more minutes even after sensing the presence of humans.

Damage made by both

Identifying the type of damage made by the pest is another fine trick of judging if is it a possum or rat in my roof. Rats have smaller claws than possums, so you can easily differentiate the mammals through the scratch marks on the walls. In addition to that, the entrance holes could also state the difference: the big holes are for possums, and the comparatively small ones are for rats.
The apple test

If after all these efforts, you still can’t figure out if it is a rat or a possum, worry not cause you still have your trump card left to use, the apple test! To conduct the test, all you need to do is place an apple in your attic or roof where the animals make their routine visit. Leave it for the entire night and assess the findings the next morning. If the apple goes missing or most of its part is eaten, then it is clearly a possum. If you find gnaw marks or teeth marks on the fruit in your house, it could be a rat.

Final Words

Both rats and possums can cause structural damage and health hazardous, so no matter which pest between the two has nested inside your roof, you must take immediate action in discarding them from your property Hopefully, there is no more doubt in understanding that is it a possum or rat in my roof and even if there is, professional possum removal experts are ready to serve you at your doorstep. So, take your phone and ring up now to schedule an inspection program today.


How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Possum?

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Possum?

Possums could provide a multitude of benefits to the urban environments and ecosystem, but because of their destructive nature, they are considered a pest. When these nocturnal marsupials start to build a nest inside your premises, they not only damage your property but also contaminate the edibles, leading to life-threatening diseases. That is why seeking professional help to remove the possums becomes crucial. Speaking of possum removal, most homeowners ask how much does it cost to remove a possum?

Well, the average national possum removal cost ranges somewhere between $200 and $400. The removal cost usually relies on the number of visits required to remove the possums, the number of possums to remove, the intricacy involved in the process, etc. For a clearer view, we are going to break down the factors that determine the cost and discuss them separately.

Possum Removal Services

How much does it cost to remove a possum? The most basic estimation

As per the estimation, most Australian households pay approximately $250 to eradicate a possum family from the chimney. On the other, if there is only a possum, the removal cost could be a lot less, say around $150. Also, the expense can rise up to around $500 if you want to remove a mother possum with its babies. The professionals could charge separately for cleaning the droppings and mess created by the pests along with the preventive measurements.

Possum removal expenses by location

While answering the question: how much does it cost to remove a possum discussing the location is a must. It is because there is a big difference in the price chart between the outdoor and indoor possum removal treatment.

Outdoor possum removal treatment

Generally, in the case of outdoor possum removal treatment, the cost rotates around $150 to $250. In case you own a trailer along with skirting the chances for a possum to reside under your house are high. Inspecting this space is harder than one can think, so setting traps is the only way to remove the pest. The trap set-up itself is a task hassle, which is why some possum catchers could ask for a tip.

Indoor possum removal treatment

Contrastingly, the cost for indoor possum removal comes between $250 and $500. These animals love to build their nest in the attic, ceiling vents, and walls as well. And removing those animals from those hard-to-access spots is tricky, which in turn, increases the average price estimation. In fact, the price can drop as well if there is not much hassle.

Possum removal expenses by the procedure

There are several techniques for removing a possum from your home, such as removing them by hand, setting traps, snare poles, etc. And the removal cost hugely depends on the process you opt for. For instance, if you have a possum in your attic and you want to remove it manually or through a snare pole in just one trip, it will cost you around $150. The more visits professional possum catchers make the more amount you would require to pay.

While some professionals include the cleanup charge along with the mentioned price, others could charge for it separately. If there is more than one possum and they are hard to locate, the only suitable option left to catch them is by setting traps. Setting lethal traps is against the law. So, make sure not to arrange a DIY trap and always seek help from certified professionals.

Depending on the type and number of traps, you would need to pay an amount of around $250 to $350 including the clean-up services. For sealing the entry points and mending the damages caused by the marsupial, you might need to spend additional charges. With each return trip, the professionals could ask for an extra $100. Well, the trip expense could vary from one professional to another.

As per state law, killing or hurting possums is illegal. That is why professionals have to be of utmost caution while handling extermination. It is the reason that increases the expenses of the possum removal cost.

Possum removal expenses depend on the circumstances

It’s not just the location or removal process that decides how much it costs to remove a possum, the circumstances of the event play a big role in the cost estimation. The aspects such as the severity of the infestation, site of the nest, duration of the total removal treatment, etc., are equally significant when chalking out the pricing char.

Though mentioning the upfront price rates is definitely not possible. But keeping in mind all the possibilities, the possum removal could be as low as $150 or as high as $500, relying on the circumstances of the infestation status. There are a few pest elimination firms that offer dead possum removal services as well! They could charge you about $150 for dead possum removal. Here too, the price can alter, depending on the conditions.

How much does it cost to remove a possum for an emergency purpose?

When a possum threatens humans or pets or acts maliciously, you must seek emergency possum removal services. The experts would appear at your doorstep in no time and take the marsupial with them safely, restoring normalcy. However, for emergency services, you would require paying an additional charge. Some firms could ask for an extra $100 for emergency services, which means the emergency outdoor treatment would come to around $250 to $350 and the emergency indoor treatment could be somewhere between $350 to $600.

Final Words

We hope our write-up has helped to give you an idea about how much it costs to remove a possum. Well, this is just an estimation that we have presented before you through our market research. To know the exact quote, you would require asking your respective professional whom you are hiring. Generally, possum catchers offer a quote only after making an assessment of the situation, infestation status, and hassle concerned.

Is It Bad To Have Possums On Your Roof?

Is It Bad To Have Possums On Your Roof?

Do you hear the constant ‘thud-thud’ sound in your roof and notice urine stains on ceilings and walls? It’s probably made by the possums that are staying at your premises.  There are countless reasons that state why is it bad to have possums on your roof and the foremost reason is structural damage. To make your attic its own cozy habitat they can cause irreparable damage to it. The droppings, urine stains on the walls, interrupted hygiene, etc., also count! So, it is definitely a bad idea to let them nest at your place.  Through this write-up, we will give you a clear insight into the potential damages caused by the nocturnal marsupial. So, stay tuned right till the end! 

Possums On Your Roof

Why Is it bad to have possums on your roof?

Not taking immediate action after sensing a possum infestation on your roof is a terrible idea! And there are a couple of explanations behind it.  Alongside hindering your mental peace, these nocturnal pests can drain out a substantial amount of money through severe structural damage. So, if you are in search of the answer to the question: is it bad to have possums on your roof, go through the following facts.

  • The noisiest pest ever!

 Keeping aside the fact that possums contribute a lot to the ecosystem, these nocturnal pests can give you sleepless nights. The unvarying noise they make with the scurrying of their feet feels disgusting, especially when you are trying to rest after a long harsh day. The noise gets worse when the possums scratch and scuttle the floors and walls with their nails. And there comes the worst of all, their urge to create a sharp screeching or squealing sound, which can potentially get on your nerves. 

  • Damage of tiles

If the possums have nested in your attic, they can take a frequent tour of your entire home in your absence. A lot of homeowners have complained about possums cracking the tiles of the roofs as well as their entire homes with sharp pointed teeth. They can even scratch the exterior of your home. And within a short span of time, they can create extensive damage. 

  • Creates mess

Possum feces and urine, both emit a strong foul odour that can gag you even if your olfactory senses get a little whiff of it. The problem does not end here. The smell of their droppings tends to welcome other insects and critters to build a shelter in your home. Moreover, if your roof has another insect dropping, there could be an intolerable disgusting odour throughout the area. Possum urine almost smells like cat urine, which is pretty hard to get rid of no matter how well you clean your attic or roof. The longer you allow them to stay on your roof, the more mess they keep creating, making it tough for you to stay at your own home peacefully.

  • Damage to the insulation facility

Your attic becomes the favourite place of possums when they find food, water, shelter everything along with a cozy ambience. To make it even cozier, these pests tend to use insulation pads to form their nest. And to get what they need, possums tear the insulation to gather the pieces required for the nest. Alongside using the insulation as their nest, they have the tendency to make it their toilet as well. And because of their activities, you can end up having a soiled and torn insulation system that not only puts pressure on your utility bills but also leads to a gagging of unpleasant odour all through your home.

  • Chew up electrical wires and support beams

Possums do everything needed to make their nest comfortable, safe, secure, and sturdy. That is why the animals could gnaw on the support beams as well as the electrical wires and cables in your roof. The chewed-up wires make your premises vulnerable to the threats of electrical fires and short circuits, which can prey on anyone at your home, including your pets. On the other hand, if there is more than one possum and all of them start chewing the support beam, severe foundation damage, including a collapse could happen at any time.

  • Extensive structural damage

Being larger in size, possums can make huge structural damage to your building including its roof while attempting to enter the roof. Moreover, even after they manage to enter your roof, they do not stop damaging your foundation for easy transportation, these destructive pests often create new entry points and expand the existing ones.

Not to mention, possums are the real foodie! These omnivores munch on almost everything that they find edible. It can be anything from insects like carpenter ants, termites, litter, etc. And in search of food, they look for entry points and when there aren’t any, they scratch the foundation of your building, making new entrances through the carpet, drywall, vinyl flooring, carpet, etc.

  • Transmits life-threatening diseases

Possums generally do not attack people or bite them in general. However, they can put your and your family members’ lives at risk with their ability to transmit life-threatening diseases by contaminating the food items. To name a few, diseases like tuberculosis, tularemia coccidiosis, leptospirosis, etc., can be spread by the nocturnal marsupials.

How do possums get into your roof? Is there any way to prevent them?

Possum catchers often seal the possible entry points through which these pests can invade your premises as a preventive barrier. So, if you learn beforehand how possums can enter your premises secretly, you can take measures to prevent their invasion. Generally,  these pests get into the roof by climbing the neighbouring tree of the house. They jump into the attic or roof and build their nest. In fact, they can also make their way through porch railings, drain spouts, etc. So as a preventive barrier, you can choose to trim the tree branches, keeping them 5 ft away from the attic. Also, keeping the porch and other hard-toed spots grease-free can avert the possums from invading your roof. And if you are unable to do all that, you can always contact a professional roof possum removal expert.

Final Words

To sum up, now you have got your answer of whether Is it bad to have possums on your roof, it’s time to stay alert all the time and avert the advent of the pesky pest. In case you already have one or more possums residing on your roof, the best way to drive them out is to seek professional assistance. Possum killing is illegal in Australia, so professionals handle the infestation with extra care, ensuring to remove them from your premises without hurting or killing them. 



How to Get Rid of Possum?

How to Get Rid of Possum?

Possums are hairy and nestling animals with adorable looks! But, never mess with them as they can make destruction at your place in tremendous amounts. They can even cause danger to your pets while grabbing the food from them. Possums generally get difficult to deal with by a house-owner as they prefer living in unhygienic situations. They are night-time creatures which imply they become dynamic and active around evening time. If you have possums inside or near your living habitat at night is truly not a healthy idea. So how to dispose of a possum? It is the greatest inquiry ever!! Let us dive deep into the procedures of getting rid of these Possums.

Be Aware Of Your Next-door Rival: The Possum !!

It stands sometimes and actually feasible for most fully grown creatures to get affected with infectious rabies, but for a possum to have rabies is not so common a thing to happen. This is to a great extent because of the possum’s low internal heat level, which makes it hard for the rabies infection to endure. But getting bitten by a possum is essentially not a pleasurable experience either! Instead, if you are bitten by the same, you should go in for a thorough clinical check-up.
Fortunately, possums have a typically laid-back attitude and will never be energetic and vigorous except if incited. However, in specific circumstances, possums are known to lash out in self-defense, for example, when enraged by any defensive or excessively spirited feline or canine. This is when possums turn to be huge trouble-maker to many of the house pets.
These creatures have some of the common characteristics that are essential for you to note with the end goal of pest eviction. They are ‘marsupials’, which implies they are equipped for holding up to twelve to thirteen little possums hatchlings in their gut at one time. In the event that one possum is left unperturbed, the count might rise to fourteen inside the gut, within half a month’s time!
Possums being omnivorous creatures generally feasts out over almost anything and everything lying around them. This implies any old waste food item or rotting food stands as a reasonable game to keep these folks around and busy.
Possums are famous for playing dead, or “feigning unconsciousness”!

Indications of Having Possum at Your Place

Now and then it is basically certain that you are having pest invasion at your place however you do not have the foggiest idea what sort of pest has attacked your home. These possums are similar to night-time rodents, however, they are uproarious. So, they additionally become unassumingly obvious in some cases during the day time. Possibly you should be having a crowd of possums at your place when you notice their accompanying infestation signs.

Disappearing of Pet Food
Possums typically prefer to benefit from pet food, particularly feline food. On the off chance that you are having a pet at your place, at that point never keep their food outside, for the entire night, as possums are generally dynamic and active at night. They attempt to take the undue advantage of them and you probably will find the food to vanish in no time! You should deal with your pet as possum can cause harm to them while battling for food!

Damaged Exterior of the Building
Possums as a rule attempt to go inside the house or stay and breed inside the wall dividers. It will come into your notice that your outside is being harmed which is the primary sign that your premises are being pervaded by possums. They can likewise harm your different property-related items like roofs, water-pipes, attics and storing areas, carports, and so on.

Scratching Noises
While making their staying places, possums tend to make uproarious, ear-splitting, and scratching noises. They cause similar commotions as the rats, yet you can differentiate their presence, as they are huge creatures, with very much audible movements.

Nasty Smells
As these possums are comparatively bigger in size than the other pests, so their droppings are significantly bigger in size and dissipated everywhere, causing a terrible smell. There can likewise be chances also that when the possums get caught, they create a terrible smell.

Possible Hiding Spots For Possums:

Possums have some normal areas of hiding themselves and making homes for many days. And the possums likewise pick the right places where they can live for long! In this way, here are the best areas where they are found:

An open entryway is a reasonable option for the possums to get inside your home, as it is their best spot of haven. You may discover possums at your place particularly when you are having pets inside the same. The entryways generally meant for canines pull in possums as they can enter the premises through it without any problem.

Garage and carport areas
We may, at times, welcome some unwanted visitors while opening or shutting the carport entryways, without any knowledge. These Possums enter the carport and get into some dull-lit areas while shrouding till many days. They generally plan where there will be ample access to food and water.

For possums, an upper room is the best spot to live as they locate the storage room dry and warm. On the off chance that you are living in or close to the wooden territory, at that point you have to ensure that the property is totally possum free as living with possums can be perilous.

House decks
Possums think that it is simple to make a living inside your home under the deck as there are a lot bigger holes to experience a comfortable stay and remain hidden safely. You then have to call for proficient assistance from the pest control agencies like us on the grounds of taking out these possums from the deck. It stands as the most troublesome undertaking, as while exterminating the possums from all these difficult places makes these pests erratic and they also have the tendency to bite!

It is very certain that if you are having trees close to your rooftop, at that point you have the most chances of these possums’ existence. The house rooftops seem to be the most vulnerable feature and stand difficult to get through while exterminating these nocturnal destructive pests. You should definitely call the professional pest control agencies in Melbourne, like the Humane Possum Removal Agency. We will cater to all your pest related issues with the finest of our team members, who ought to dive inside of your possum infected premises.

DIY Tips to Remove Possums

Having fuzzy housemates like these possums is what you would probably never prefer seeing. You can try your hands on some of these useful DIY tricks to eliminate these pesky pests away from the premises!!

  • Application of chemical repellents
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Make use of mothballs
  • Strew the fur of cat or dog
  • Spray all-around the garden with fresh garlic-mixed water.
  • Mechanized traps
  • Motion-activated sensory devices
  • Electrical Fencing
  • Garden or courtyard lights

These DIY tips act as a standard eliminator to clear the affected house sections by possums. Still, it is advised to consult the professional pest exterminating agencies like us to run the entire process smoothly.

Measures To Remove Possums

There are numerous preventive measures that you can take to keep the possums from going inside the house. Here is a portion of these preventive measures for you to get better know-how:

  • Try to cover all the entry points from where the possums can get inside your living habitat.
  • You can make use of meshes to cover the huge openings and any ventilation gaps to prevent possum’s entry.
  • Cut or trim down the parts of the tree so that these possums cannot get on the rooftops with the assistance of hanging branches.
  • Use manageable covers to shield the lower deck of the house.
  • Never leave outside any waste-bins or food items. It will not just lure the possums yet different creatures and pests will likewise get pulled in too!
  • Try to tidy up the food extras or left-overs as possums get pulled in to all these items.

You can follow these techniques to dispose of possums, however, it is not ensured of the complete extermination of the possums. It is thus suggested that you should call an expert possum catcher for this type of service as these possums to tend to become resistant, all-through the process of exterminating them. In this way, it stands smarter to call for proficient assistance from Humane Possum Removal Agency in Melbourne to experience thorough care, as well as the best and viable outcomes in recent times!

Possum Removal In Melbourne: Stratagems To Tick-off the Pesky Possums

Melbourne’s initial experience with a possum is not really a favorable one. And why will it be? Possums are not normal, as compared to the regular creepy crawlies. Rather, it can cause huge uneasiness and property destruction among the house-owners.
These strong and small-sized critters can cause a lot of concerns, as they prefer to hang out in storage rooms, attics, carport, or for all intents and purposes any other slithering spaces or wall partitions. Possums are drastically increasing in number in all rural regions.
You can apply certain significant yet effective strategies to deal with your critical situation owing to possum infestation.

Seal The Entry Points
Once you hear noises of ripping in your upper attic room, carport, shed, or backyards of your home, it is none but the presence of these possums! Regardless of what kind of critter it is, this deterrent measure works for all. Low-lying house decks are particularly vulnerable to be penetrated by possums if its entry points are not satisfactorily fixed. Go for a thorough inspection of your home to distinguish any conceivable entryway and seal them off to forestall any re-emergence of possums.

Dispose of Any Possible Left-over Meals properly
Possums, of all likelihood are simply after your food and wastes. Disposing of any potential left-over food items will help in keeping these pests from further attack.

Set a trap
Since possums are simple to trap inside a confined cage. But you should be extra careful, as when these creatures are cornered, they tend to attack or bite. So, it is best to leave the entire tedious work in the hands of expert pest controllers of Melbourne, like the ones from Humane Possum Removal. We have a special team of exterminators, who are deft in tackling all these impossible situations, and make the entire exercise a possible one!

Alarm Them Away
This is one of the most fundamental pest control strategies out there in light of the fact that it works. Most possums are extraordinarily aversive to human contact. So, in the event that you see one of them waddling around your lawn, just try creating fear in them with a stick! Sometimes, this strategy to work wonders!

Call Pest Control
The erratic possum issue from time to time can turn out to be baffling for all house-owners, If possums are left undisturbed or never eliminated from their infested areas, they generally take advantage of the entire property and begin with their destruction process. These possum issues can be taken care of, to some extent by disposing the left-over food items, trash and other potential food sources. The indoor ones (those staying inside the house) requires some additional control. You should immediately get hold of us, as the best pest control team in Melbourne to dispose of these possums. Our team is expert in taking deterrent measures to exterminate and later fumigate your living abode permanently.

Get a Good Guard Dog
A good, efficient and defensive guard dog is sufficient to keep most interlopers far away.

Repellent Products Work quite seldom
In case you are thinking about approaching this issue, by using various repellent products, you may be somewhat disillusioned. The store bought repellent items next with no impact on possums, and the total expenditure that you need to purchase them could cause various negative consequences for yourself and your own pets.

Cater for a quarterly Pest Control Visits
Having a pest control visit in your property is none but a priceless resource to exterminate the possums and other pests. Standardised planning and booking the pest controllers will manage these pest issues smoothly.

Trim Your Yard and Garden
When your garden looks less welcoming, automatically the possums will think twice to infest! Mow the grass, trim the hedges and shrubberies, and cut the tree branches from your rooftop to safe-keep your yard and garden from possum trespassers.

Use Motion Activated Lights or Sprinklers
Having some movement actuated with aid of flood lights or sprinklers are an amazing strategy of protection against the irritating possums. The lights make a fair show in driving away these sketchy critters. Also, lighting-up your yard and garden area, along with installing some sprinklers will keep these possums away.

Humane Possum Removal – your nearby pest extermination friend!

Humane Possum Removal in Melbourne consists of an efficient group of team members who manages a wide range of pests, along with these night-time critters like Possums. With aid of a deep know-how on the same for over a decade, we have come up with individual teams for all sorts of pest troubles in Melbourne. Our different branches cater to customised pest treatment services to all of our revered customers.
Humane Possum Removal Possum removal -Average estimation
The average estimate ranges owing to the size of home. We cater to both interior and exterior for all possums removal by charging from around $185 onwards.

Why us!!

The main sight of a possum may be agitating, yet remember that these are only one of the numerous critters creating a ruckus world-wide, and they just so happen to discover every living habitat irresistible! And, thus it turns to be your genuine concern.
Taking sufficient precautionary measures to ensure you do not get any increasingly unwanted possum visits, combined with standard pest control, is the best long hauling procedure to keep your home free from all possums, pests and other critters.
Living with possums under a similar rooftop has never been simple. You have to simply attempt to expel them from your premises by following certain restrictions and consulting the Humane Possum Removal Agency. We are the most efficient and number one amongst the other pest control agencies who has the potential to solve all your pest related issues. Our pest and possum exterminating techniques will most likely assist you in disposing of possums permanently. As executing them is not allowed, under the government rules, we take all the precautionary measures to take them out and leave them into the wilds.

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