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Do you use any poisonous substance to remove the possum?

No, we don’t use any poisonous substance to remove the possum, we only use safe and secure process to remove the possum from your premise.

What is the Cost for possum removal?

If we talk about the cost, it is not just one but several variables that determine the cost of possum removal services. The estimated cost of the possum removal is between $200-$250.

Are you certified to remove the possum?

Yes, we are certified for possum removal in Australia and we have specialists and professionals who are specially trained to catch the possum without hurting them and complete the process in less time.

Can a possum be relocated?

According to the Wildlife Act Protection, possum must be released under a 50-meter radius from where it was evicted. But proper fencing will be done around your premise to prevent possum from entering again.

Can you remove the smell and stains of the possum’s urine?

The best way is to wash it with fresh running water to remove the smell of the possum’s urine from your roof or another part of your house.

What smell is hated by possums?

You can follow several DIY ingredients to stop the entrance of possums. You can place garlic around your house, ammonia, mothballs, or dog and cat fur. The smell of these all is disliked by possums.

How can you differentiate between rat and possum?

Possums remain active during the night only because they are nocturnal. You will recognize the existence of possum as they create disturbing calls, loud thumping noises in the roof, and screeching. Rats also produce scampering sounds. The rats gnaw on the wooden material.

What damage possum can do in my roof?

Possums will pee through your rooftop leaving yellow stains on your roof or dividers. They will likewise crap all through the rooftop space. Possums can get trapped in lighting wires in your rooftop and harm lights. They won’t ordinarily eat the wires yet rodents will. The two possums and rodents are a fire peril hence. Possum can get dead on your rooftop and smell profuse.

How can I keep my plants safe from possum?

You can use an electrical device produced from “Stray Ban”. This device produces a high pitch sound that is effective in keeping the possum away from the plants.

Can possum damage my ceiling and roof?

Yes, possums are known for causing the destruction over the roof. They can eat electrical wires. On the chance they are settling on the insulation in the rooftop, this can get harmed through consistent pee and will require replacement. Pee may likewise leak through and harm your roof.

How to remove a possum from my backyard?

There are mainly two ways you can do that first is by yourself in which you need to clean your backyards and also put mothballs there and even cut the long branches present near your premise which will take time and is a slow process.

On the other hand, you can call the professionals for backyard possum removal and will do proper fencing around your residence so that the possum is not able to enter again.

Do you remove a possum from my roof?

For preventing possum to your roof, you need to do proper fencing around your house. So that possums are not able to enter your premise and house roof.

And still, if possum keeps coming again, then you need to call the professionals of possum removal for help.

Do you remove a dead possum?

You should not remove a dead possum manually as it carries a lot of germs and diseases and can make you and your family sick.

So the best solution for dead possum removal is by taking the help of professionals who will wear proper gloves and will remove the dead possum and also sanitize the location where the dead possum was found so that there are no germs left behind.

What if possum enters the house again?

We provide one year warranty for our service and if in that period possum enters again, we will remove the possum for free.

Do you provide emergency service for possum removal?

Yes, we do provide emergency service for possum removal, for booking an appointment you can simply call us.

Do you require internal access for the treatment of the possum?

It depends upon the design of your roof. If our professionals easily get access to your roof from outside from removing the possums then there is no need for internal access. To provide complete removal of the possum, during the first visit our professionals will need access. We will inform you about the situation.

How possum and rats get access to the top of my roof?

Possums very easily get through any gap. They only require a golf ball to squeeze a gap space to enter in your area. On the other hand, the rats require a much smaller gap to get entrance. You can prevent the entrance of possums by hiring the professionals for proofing and for rats you can use a baiting system.

What can I do when possum runs at night on my roof?

You have to check out the entry point from where possums are getting entry. You can cut the long back tree branches. You can contact professionals of Humane Possum Removal for removal of possums from your residential area.

Is it illegal to kill possum in Australia?

The possums are protected animals under the act of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act). It is illegal if you kill any possum. You can take the help of licensed professionals they can catch and release them far from your area.

Will possum can attack me?

In general cases, the possums do not attack. They are docile, non-aggressive animals. Possums only bite in the cognition of self-defense.

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