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Possum Removal Services in Melbourne

Possum Removal Melbourne – Did you suddenly wake up at night due to the banging-on noise in your roof? This might be a possum for sure that has been disturbing you with the growling noises made by them. You may feel their presence at night as they are nocturnal i.e they become active at night. Are you looking for a professional possum catcher in Melbourne? Humane Possum Removal Melbourne has a team of certified wildlife handlers.

We offer dynamic and humane possum removal services all across Melbourne. Our team of professionals is well-trained to catch the possums. As required by the Wildlife Act 1975, we have experts in evicting Possums from the property. After witnessing the possums, we will be locating the entry points from where the possums used to enter the premises and will carry on with sealing and repairing the entry points to ensure that these possums don’t return back to your property.

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    Hiding Spots of Possums

    To live and grow, possums also find the best places where they can reside. So, here are some locations where they commonly hide and make their nest over that place.













    We Have 45 Year’s Experience in Possum Removal, Rescue, and Support

    Humane Possum Removal is a local name for the residents of Melbourne and we have shown our worth with 24/7 available Possum Removal, Rescue, and Support services. Over the years, we have been helpful to thousands of homes and people in saving them and their property from major problems created by possums. Our team’s top possum removal professionals in Melbourne are great at what they do and hold a Certificate IV in Animal Regulation and Management. We have experience in serving urban as well as rural dwellings that are suffering frequent possum attacks you can follow Emergency Rescue Advice. We keep ourselves connected with possum conservationists, regulatory authorities, and research centers like the CSIRO to keep our services and techniques the latest and most eco-friendly.

    Keep yourself in touch with us, if you want that a company with 45 years of experience should handle your case of possum infestation in Melbourne.

    Our Safe & Reliable Possum Removal Services

    Getting rid of dead possums is necessary because they can spread germs and smells, and attract other pests. Even dead possums pollute the home environment. Our professional dead possum removal experts will remove all deceased possums from your premises.

    When you are buying a new property, it is important to know that there is no pest attack problem. It can be a possum or other pests. You can rely on our team to inspect the property and let you know if there is a problem related to possums and other pests.

    Possums target some specific areas in your house and the backyard area is one of them. You can call our team for Backyard Possum Removal, and we will do it significantly. We know the laws set by authorities for protecting possums and relocating them when they enter private property.

    Possums are notorious for so many things so you can not let them live in your house. A possum attack asks for immediate action. You can call us at the same time to get rid of them. Our team will reach out to you within an hour when you book an appointment for emergency possum removal or same-day service.

    Leave your Under Deck Possum Removal tension on us and get ready to see a significant result within a given time. We follow a humane way to catch and relocate possums so that you are saved from legal actions. We will remove them safely from your property.

    We understand that possum attacks require Emergency Possum Removal. To serve on time and in your best interest, we keep a team ready for services 24/7. Our Emergency Possum Removal team response is very significant for saving you and your family from dangers that they can create.

    Melbourne Possum Removal Process


    We catch all the possums who are residing in your premises at first. Our professional catchers are humane which causes no harm to the possums.


    After catching, we relocate them and leave them from where they have arrived. According to the local laws, we can only relocate them within 50 metres.


    Possums being clever can again enter your house. So, to avoid this, we seal off all the entry points which is the most important step in the process.


    Possum Nest Box On A Tree

    We can set a possum nest box on a tree. This is done because it increases the chance of catching possums quickly.

    Possum Control Box

    We set a possum control box that is used to catch and close them for some time to minimise the damage.

    Possum Nest Box

    We also have boxes that are like possum nests, these attract them quickly to the box and we can easily catch them.

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    How Much Does Possum Removal Cost?

    If we talk about the cost, it is not just one there are a number of variables that determine the cost of possum removal services. We also consider the number of holes we need to block or repair. There are many ways to catch a possum, and some of those ways can be expensive. To remove the possums from the premises it is always recommended to call a professional for the job. We also offer 100% guaranteed removal of possums from the premises.

    Australia’s Law Regarding Possum Removal & Trapping

    The simple law regarding possums is that no one can kill them. They are protected by the Nature Conservation Act 2014 and it is illegal for an unauthorized person to trap or harm them. Trapping, removing, or killing a possum without a license carries severe penalties. This, many acts in Australia protect possums because they are native to Australia and are losing their numbers because of bad habitat for themselves. 

    #1 Top Rated Wildlife Possum Removal Service

    Possums are not pets, they are wildlife but we can not kill them because of the law. That is why we provide Wildlife Possum Control & Removal service. Our service team plans and manages all significant steps to relocate possums safely. 




    With the best removal of possums our expert team offers these services at affordable and competitive prices. We offer the best quality services by just spending fewer bugs.



    Our team of professionals never compromise with the quality of the service. The untrained person can ruin the situation and make it bad to worse. That is the reason why we employ experts.



    We aim to control the present situation of the premises and giving recommendations to prevent the property from possums. We guaranteed that possum will never get back in…


    No, we don’t use any poisonous substance to remove the possum, we only use safe and secure process to remove the possum from your premise.

    There are mainly two ways you can do that first is by yourself in which you need to clean your backyards and also put mothballs there and even cut the long branches present near your premise which will take time and is a slow process.

    On the other hand, you can call the professionals who will remove the possum from your backyard and will do proper fencing around your residence so that the possum is not able to enter again.

    If we talk about the cost, it is not just one but several variables that determine the cost of possum removal services. The estimated cost of the possum removal is between $200-$250.

    For preventing possum to your roof, you need to do proper fencing around your house. So that possums are not able to enter your premise and house roof.

    And still, if possum keeps coming again, then you need to call the professionals of possum removal for help.

    Yes, we are certified for possum removal in Australia and we have specialists and professionals who are specially trained to catch the possum without hurting them and complete the process in less time.

    You should not remove a dead possum manually as it carries a lot of germs and diseases and can make you and your family sick.

    So the best solution is to remove a dead possum by taking the help of professionals who will wear proper gloves and will remove the dead possum and also sanitize the location where dead possum was found so that there are no germs left behind.

    According to the Wildlife Act Protection, possum must be released under a 50-meter radius from where it was evicted. But proper fencing will be done around your premise to prevent possum from entering again.

    We provide one year warranty for our service and if in that period possum enters again, we will remove the possum for free.

    The best way is to wash it with fresh running water to remove the smell of the possum’s urine from your roof or another part of your house.

    Yes, we do provide emergency service for possum removal, for booking an appointment you can simply call us.

    Saved My Garden

    April 24, 2024

    Your two technicians who visited my home to catch possums proved themselves to be garden saviours. They arrived on time and carefully inspected the garden area and found possums on the tree and planned eviction. I wouldn’t think twice about using them again or recommending their services to others.


    Very Professional Team

    April 24, 2024

    It seemed like they knew possums. From inspection to relocation, everything was done safely. This company is fantastic and capable. Someone is extremely knowledgeable—diligent, complete, and incredibly professional.


    Good For Solving Mass Nesting Issues

    April 24, 2024

    This company has an excellent and skilled crew for solving possum mass nesting issues helping from start to finish. Hooray! The on-site technicians did an excellent job and have successfully made my house possum-free.


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