Who We Are

Humane Possum Removal is a company that provides top-class possum removal services in Melbourne as we have experts that have an extensive understanding of possums. Our skilled and licensed possum catchers know how to safely remove possums from any property. Our years of reliable service have made us one of the most demanding companies that deliver high-quality results. Our possum catchers will not only help you to remove them from your property, provide prevention tips so that they will stay at bay from your property.  

Our Solutions And Services

We will create a possum removal plan based on the findings of the inspection. Our services and solutions are mentioned below:

  • Setting up live cage traps is the most common method of possum control and possum removal.
  • Release them asap in a safer zone after trapping.
  • According to the law,  we leave them within 50 meters of the catching zone.
  • We aid with the finest possum removal and provide several visits to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We fence the garden area and roof so that they will not invade your property.
  • Call us if you look at dead possums in and around your property as we provide dead possum removal services.

How Do We Deal With Your Problems?

Our Possum Removal Melbourne team will take care of all of your requirements, including the possum inspection service. Our highly qualified possum removal team sets traps and baits that are totally safe for you and your family and then releases them safely when they enter the cage. Give our possum trappers a chance to help you!  

Our Skills And Certifications

Possum catching is something we are famous for. Our team deals with a variety of possums infestation. It does not matter if it is a home or a business. Our effective procedures are always as per the law.

  • The possum trappers around the property are placed and regulated by our possum control company. As a result, we can stop more possums from getting in.
  • We plan ahead to assist you in a unique and effective manner.
  • Our Possum Removal Melbourne team has complete knowledge about the cages fit to catch possums.
  • Our possum’s trappers are associated with wildlife caretakers in Melbourne.
  • We have certificate III in pest management.

Why Melbourne Love Us For Possum Removal

We are popular in the market for our quality services in Melbourne. Our highly skilled possum catchers help you to remove possums. Here are some reasons why Melbourne people hire our experts for possum removal:

  • We are available round the clock to remove possums.
  • Our services are cost effective. As a result, rather than charging extra fees, we build trust with our clients.
  • We never sit idle. Our goal is to provide our customers with a welcoming possum-free environment.
  • Our possum catchers obey the time and therefore never delay the work.
  • To assist you, we have a possum catchers team that is qualified, competent, and experienced.

Available Melbourne Wide

Yeah!! You can be stress free now since we are here with the best possum control service not only in Melbourne but also in all the nearby areas of Melbourne. We are available in Ballarat, Dockland, Pakenham, Point Cook, St Kilda, Werribee, and many more areas. Our possum removal team is keen in doing their work passionately and also they hold a license to do so.