How To Keep Possums Away From Fruit Trees

Fruit trees can be a real attraction for possums, as they are known for eating fruits, vegetables, and insects. Possums can cause significant damage to fruit trees by gnawing on the trunk, stripping the bark, and eating the fruit. To keep possums away from your fruit trees, there are several steps you can take to deter them from entering your garden. Read on to know in detail about how to keep possums away from fruit trees. 

Ways To Keep Possums Away From Fruit Trees

Here’s how to keep possums away from fruit trees:

  • Fencing

One of the most effective ways to keep possums away from your fruit trees is by installing a fence. The fence should be at least 6 feet tall and made of strong materials such as metal or wood. Make sure the fence extends into the ground to prevent possums from digging under it.

  • Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers are an effective way to deter possums from your fruit trees. The sudden burst of water can startle possums and encourage them to leave the area.

  • Cover Fruit Trees with Netting

Covering your fruit trees with netting can help protect them from possum damage. Make sure the netting is taut and extends above the tree so that possums cannot get to the fruit.

  • Reduce Food Sources

Reducing food sources in your garden can also help deter possums from your fruit trees. This may involve removing fallen fruits and vegetables, and keeping pet food indoors.

  • Use Repellents

There are several natural and commercial repellents available that can be used to keep possums away from your fruit trees. Some of the most common include vinegar, citrus, and eucalyptus.

  • Eliminate Hiding Spots

Possums need hiding spots, such as piles of leaves or bushes, to feel secure. By removing these hiding spots, you can make your garden less attractive to possums.

  • Traps

If you have a persistent possum problem, consider using humane traps to remove them from your garden. Be sure to follow local wildlife regulations and release the possum at least 5 miles from your home.

Possums can cause significant damage to fruit trees and other plants in your garden. By installing a fence, using motion-activated sprinklers, covering fruit trees with netting, reducing food sources, using repellents, eliminating hiding spots, and using humane traps, you can keep possums away from your fruit trees. Remember to always be humane and follow local wildlife regulations when dealing with possums.

Why Is It Important To Keep The Possums Away From Your House And Fruit Trees?

Keeping possums away from your house and fruit trees is important for several reasons.

Health and Safety: Possums can carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful to humans and pets. They can also cause structural damage to your home by gnawing on wood, wires, and other materials.

Property Damage: Possums can cause significant damage to fruit trees by stripping the bark, gnawing on the trunk, and eating the fruit. They can also damage other plants and vegetables in your garden.

Unpleasant Odours: Possums can produce unpleasant odours, which can be a nuisance to you and your neighbours.

Nuisance: Possums can be noisy and active at night, causing disturbance to you and your family.

By keeping possums away from your house and fruit trees, you can protect your health, property, and quality of life. Additionally, it can help preserve the natural balance of your local ecosystem and prevent the spread of diseases and parasites to other animals.

Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals for preventing and removing possums is important for several reasons. Firstly, professionals have the expertise, equipment, and experience necessary to effectively identify, prevent, and remove possums from your property. They can assess the situation and provide customised solutions to address your specific pest control needs. Additionally, professionals use safe and humane methods that comply with local wildlife regulations and minimise harm to the environment. By hiring professionals, you can avoid the risk of injury and liability that comes with handling possums on your own. Furthermore, professionals can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that possums do not return in the future. Overall, hiring professionals for possum control is a smart choice that can provide peace of mind and ensure the safety and health of your property. 

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