Four Easy Ways To Stop Possums From Damaging Your Roof Tiles

Some of the possums like Brushtail or Ringtail possums are the most adaptable and versatile; you can find them in the middle of the cities at any hour of the day. They live much of their lives over your heads. Possums are intriguing and adorable animals, but they can cause problems when they decide to share your roof with you. There are a number of activities that possums may perform like searching for food at night is one of them. These activities could result in pricey roof tile damage. So in this post, you will look at the four easy ways to stop possums from damaging your roof tiles.

Understanding Possum Behaviour

Before moving toward the four ways to stop possums from damaging your roof tiles, it is important to comprehend why possums are drawn to your roof. It is because, being a nocturnal animal, possums search for protection in the daytime from predators and the outdoors and that is why they are drawn to roof spaces. Another reason is that the warmth and comfort of your attic may also draw them inside. On the roof, they cause a huge amount of damage and that is why their removal is essential.

4 Ways To Prevent Possum From Damaging Your Roof Tiles

There are various methods for the control of possums to prevent roof tile damage so let’s explore some of them:

Trim Overhanging Branches

Possums frequently use overhanging branches to access your roof as they are skilled climbers. When any of the tree branches hang close to your roof, trim it to avoid possum access. You should always make sure that branches are at least 4-5 feet away from your roof. If you create this natural barrier then possum will find it more challenging to access your roof.

Use Deterrents

To prevent possums from approaching your roof, you can use several deterrents which are given below:

  • Motion-activated lights: By installing this, as possums approach, the unexpected illumination can surprise them and cause them to retreat.
  • Repellent sprays: Always keep possum-repellent sprays on your property. When possums are most likely to access your roof, put these sprays on them.
  • Ultrasonic devices: Put ultrasonic devices in your attic or near your roof. It is because possums and other pests find these devices’ high-pitched sounds repulsive.
  • Scare tools: Some gadgets like fake owls or hawks have the ability to scare possums occasionally. You can also frequently move them to prevent possums from becoming acclimated to these gadgets.

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Install Possum-proof Barriers

Possums can be effectively kept off your roof by installing possum-proof obstacles. Here are some of the alternatives to think about:

  • Possum-proof fencing: Possum-proof fences are made up of metal or wire mesh and are intended to be too high for a possum to scale. Install them all the way around your property to keep them away.
  • Possum-proof vent covers: It is a good idea as possums can occasionally infiltrate your roof through vents. You can install robust wire mesh or metal vent covers to prevent their access.
  • Seal entry points: It is the very first procedure to examine your entire roof for any gaps or openings from which possums can get into your attic or roof. You can use strong materials like wire mesh or metal flashing to block their access.
  • Gutter guards: You should install gutter guards as possums can access your roof through the gutters. As a result, possums cannot climb up these mesh screens which are often used to cover gutters.

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Climb-proof Tree Trunks

Sometimes, you may not be able to control the trees that grow themselves in your yard, although the number of branches that grow towards your home and roof may be under your control. To get prevention from this, you can install mature tree guards that cover the trunk out of aluminium or plastic. Make sure that the tree guard is installed at least 2 m above the ground to prevent the possum from climbing anything to access the tree’s trunk above the guard.


To stop possums from destroying your roof tiles, you can use a variety of tactics. Implement a multi-pronged strategy that involves cutting overhanging branches, utilising deterrents, erecting possum-proof barriers, and climb-proof tree trunks. If all the above methods cannot be able to give you complete satisfaction, then you can seek professional assistance to get the perfect results. But first of all, it is necessary to study possums behaviour. By following these precautions, you can safeguard your roof tiles and keep your house possum-free.