Possums are cute, little furry animals that give no reason to hate them. But the moment they decide to move into your premises problems begin. There are countless reasons that mark possums as pests, including their noisy and destructive characteristics. In addition to that, these nocturnal marsupials leave an unpleasant and disgusting odour with their droppings and urine.

And in some cases, they are responsible for spreading multiple diseases through food contamination, including relapsing fever, spotted fever, leptospirosis, etc.  So, maintaining a safe distance from possums is a great idea. In case you question how to possum proof your roof, this write-up is a must-read for you! Here we have discussed a few foolproof solutions that can keep these animals away from your roof, while not hurting the iconic beauty of Australian Wildlife.  

Possum Proof Your Roof

How To Possum Proof Your Roof: Ways To Follow

Possums as pests can be a real pain! Read ahead to learn how to possum proof your roof easily and conveniently.

  • Prune And Trim The Branches Of The Neighbouring Tree

Do you have tall trees with long branches close to your roof? If yes, possums can make their way to your home using it. So, one of the finest ways to block the easy entrance for the possums, you must consider pruning and trimming the branches. Instead of handling it yourselves, you better seek assistance from the experts. Possums are more likely to detect that one single or couple of brunch possums could use to enter your attic. And pruning those specific branches can halt them from invading your property secretly.  Also, DIY tactics can lead to self-injuries, so better leave the job in the hands of professionals who have commercial-grade safe tools.

  • Use Of Possum Repellents

The homeowners who have used the possum repellents have always offered a mixed response. While some say the repellents really have worked others oppose it. Well, you can give the repellents a try and see whether it has worked in your possum infestation case. First of all, we want to make it clear that the possum repellents do not harm the animal.

These products just work on the senses of the furry animals and keep them away.  Quassia chips and tabasco sauce are two things that work as effective repellents for the possums. Possums also hate the smells of mothballs, garlic, ammonia, etc., Use any of this repellent and keep it around their sealed entry points. 

  • Use Of Bright Lights Or Spotlights

Possums are sensitive to bright lights. Taking its advantage, you can plan a preventive barrier for the pest. Make an assessment of your roof or attic and find the spots through which the possums can invade. After that, install spotlights or bright lights in those areas. When the spotlight will flash on them, the possums will escape in fear.

  • Make The Lattice And Deck Posts Slippery

The lattice and deck posts you have installed to make your home gorgeous can be liable for possum invasion. Possums easily slip through the lattice and make their entry to your roof. But you can halt their entrance by placing some smooth metal and plastic around those decorative features. As a result, the possums will loosen their grip and slip every time they try to climb through them.

  • Seal The Entry Points

Whenever you would ask anyone:’ how to possum proof your roof,’ the most common answer you will get is to seal the entry points. And this trick does work. But you have to seal all the possible entrances correctly. You can try the simple DIY paper test to learn whether your roof cavity is the access point of the possums. For this, you need to take a few papers, scrunch them and place them in the cavity. If the paper falls out, mark it as their entry point and seal them as immediately as possible. Professionals use strong mesh, timbre, sturdy sheeting, etc., for sealing those points. 

  • Employ Electronic Devices

There are a few motion-activated ultrasonic tools and devices available in the market that are solely made to prevent marsupial-like pests including possums. When possums are near and they cross the sensor, the device is triggered and scares away the possums with high-pitched sounds; those sounds are comfortable for humans.

  • Cut The Food Sources Supply

Possums mainly get into your house in search of food. And if you eradicate the food sources, you can prevent these marsupials from entering your home. Possums are omnivores that feed on almost everything available. So, make sure to cover your litter bin properly,  clean your BBQ precisely and try to feed your pets inside the house. Also, clean up the scattered food particles and remaining food in the bowl when they are done eating.

If you have a fruit garden, pick up all fruits that are dropped, or use a net to prevent the fruits from dropping in the garden. In case you have a habit of feeding the birds, practise it either in the late morning or mid-afternoon. Make sure there is no birdseed scattered here and there around your home.  There is one more thing you should keep in mind, possums are wildlife creatures, they are not meant to be pets. So, if you show love and affection by feeding them, it will remove the fear of humans in them. And when you stop feeding them, they can show their aggressive nature. 

  • Let Them Have An Alternative Shelter

Possums, especially the brushtail ones, need a den to survive. Without a proper den, they can come across several daytime threats, including bird attacks. But if you show a little empathy for these wildlife creatures and install a possum box on a nearby tree can help. To allure them to stay in their new home, you can place a few fruits in the box. They will happily stay there, instead of invading your roof.

What To Do If The Listed ‘How-tos’ Fail To Show Results?

Possums are cosseted wildlife, so you can remove them, but without hurting them. If all these above-listed ‘how-tos’ do not show any positive outcome, the only option left is appointing licensed possum catchers for the task. Followed by the removal process, you should get the entrance points sealed immediately. As per state law, you can release the marsupials within 25 metres of the area where they are captured. So, if you do not seal the entrances, they will reoccupy their former shelter.

Get ready for the mission now that you know how to possum-proof your roof. In case you need any sort of help, our local, certified, and competent possum catchers are available for you all around the clock. With more than decades in the industry, we have been serving our reliable possum catching and relocating services and preserving the possum families.