Winter is arriving and so are the major problems caused by the possum in your house. With the low temperature, this does not indicate that the damages will be low. But they may increase if proper possum control is not performed before winters. If winter has already started then also it could be performed. It is never too late but as soon as you realize how serious the problem is. You need to take some preventive measures to stop their effects. You need to hire professional Possum Removal Services in Melbourne. So, you can opt DIY Possum control steps to easily get rid of them.

Perform the basic necessary steps to stop their presence and stop them from increasing their population. As it could surely damage your house and belongings even more. It may also cause many serious health damages to you as well as your family members.

In this article, we have some preventive measures that you can apply for possum removal from your home. Before winters and in the extreme conditions, this process may become slow and tiring. So, perform it as soon as you get time to take care for your health and your family.

Steps for possum removal

  1. Possum Traps; At first you can start with installing several possum traps near your house and in your garden area to catch these uninvited guests which are present in your house and creating a mess. You can even buy some traps from your local market. Or you can even make one at home by following the DIY Possum trap construction. This will help you to catch the possum in a quick and simple manner
  2. Cleaning garden and basement; This another step involves cleaning of your basement or your garden as mostly possums are present in the dark and humid area. By cleaning such an area in your house there are greater chances that you may find any nest of these pests. Destroy the nest and clean your area to remove these pests from your home.
  3. Possum Poison; This last tip may sound a bit hard but this is the most effective and the quick method to get rid of the possums which are present in your house, You can purchase such balls from your local market and spread it in your house or even add it to their meal so that they may consume it and may die . They will surely die due to the poison present in their meal and you will be free from the dangers caused by them. Make sure that you do not use this method if kids or dogs are present in your house. As they can consume it which will cause them serious health issues.


In this article, we have mentioned about how you can perform possum control if they are present in your house, possum control cost is necessary before winter as they may try to enter your house due to the heat present inside and the food may attract them. You can even hire professional pest control services to get effective and quick results for this problem.