How To Find And Remove A Dead Possum From The Backyard Roof?

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Possums are standard guests to the nurseries of Melbourne, particularly the normal brushtail and regular ringtail possums.
They both are night-time creatures, however, brushtail possums are about the size of a feline, with ragged dark tails, thick dim-colored hide, and huge ears, while ringtails are likewise pale in color, yet are littler, with small tears, and thin, white-tipped tails.
Brushtails favor enormous old gum trees with hollows to settle in, yet these are getting rare in recent times. And it compels them to search for some other place to hide and breed, meaning your rooftop.
Ringtails, which likewise home in trees, do not normally like this type of living.
The standard indications of having possums in the house rooftop are overwhelmingly striking, especially inside the roof or rooftop around evening time. This time they remain busy making all sorts of erratic sounds, murmuring, or hacking ear-splitting commotions. Moreover, they have the tendency to stain or a mark with a solid alkaline smell that comes from their pee!
Mostly, all types of possums are ensured in and around Australia, so on the off chance that you have to get one out of your house rooftop, you should do it altruistically and have the proper ways and means of doing the same. Do you have a fuzzy housemate you did prefer to oust? You should, without any delay contact us – Humane Possum Removal and get your heavenly habitat clean from these pesky possums.

Dead Possum Assessments

In some cases, possums can bite the dust inside the rooftop or divide pits of houses. Frequently the principal indication of a dead possum in a haze of flies inside the house and the smell that can be very awful with the dead creature remains. Remember that and a dead possum can smell inside a rooftop for as long as 2 months! It is an unavoidable truth that the dead smells are horrendous and can linger around for a considerable length of time before the remains of the body carcass dry out enough for the smell to diminish.
In some cases, the creature passes on from old age or following a genuine physical issue, most frequently because of an impact with a vehicle or getting attacked by a canine or a feline. But you should keep this in mind that the Possums are protected species under the wildlife act. So it is unlawful to purposely use any toxic substance or kill them.
There are a few choices, however, denying the access of these possums to your rooftop space turns sometimes unavoidable.
On the off chance that you have at any point had a possum living over your roof, you did think about it. They are known to be loud while they walk along with your rooftop pit. You have to remain extra cautious to take them out of the same and follow some permanent measures to keep them away from your living premises forever. Take the stoic decision to contact us at the Humane Possum Removal at Melbourne to get benefitted from the finest and safest services against possum infestations.

What Are The Issues Related To Possums?

Possums may choose to settle in your rooftop voids and gaps while messing the entire place with their droppings and pee all-around the home. Their smell of that pee can be especially intense and could pervade roofs and give out a stinking odor for a long duration. Much like rodents and mice, possums chews and gnaws on pretty much whatever comes in their way – and that incorporates effectively the open-ended electrical wire and circuits too!
You may have an issue with possums when you happen to hear them scratching or running around in your house roof and attics. Possums are nocturnal animals, so on the off chance that their presence is felt, especially when they tend to make clamor around evening time. It is essential for you to take note of any presence of rats, as these pesky possums also survive on the same!

Reasons Behind Possums Infestation

These versatile and typically undesirable house visitors are exceptionally lured towards the human houses. Possums like to make their homes inside roofs and house divider pits. The possums found in urban areas seem to like human-constructed structures like houses, and a single rooftop space can be a brilliant option for their living. Many of you will frequently depict a ‘pounding and thumping’ noise when the possums walk over rooftop pits. The same is conjoined with shrieking, smashing, and scratching sounds for the entire duration of the night. A few people would not fret having possums around, yet for most, they are viewed as a destructive pest in light of the clamor and the continuous harm they can cause.

Indications Possum Infestation At Your Place

There are numerous indications that you should not know about the sort of possum infestation at your place. To evacuate the specific kind of infestation from your place it is important to know which pest has assaulted your place. You should get the know-how of the accompanying signs if you are having possum at your place:

  • 1. Possums are night-time implies that they remain dynamic and active around evening time. You can feel their essence as they make uproarious noises while moving or running.
  • 2. Possums create filthy smells through their organs.
  • 3. You can see various damages in your nursery or garden region which shows the presence of possums inside the premises.
  • 4. You can see the half-eaten vegetables and leaves in your nursery area.
  • 5. Possums make marks with their paws which you can follow to find them.
  • 6. If you need to find them, you have to do that around evening time when they are generally active, searching for food.
  • 7. You can see the disappearance of your pet food kept outside.
  • 8. Possums make noisy scratching noises while building their homes.
  • 9. Their eyes shine around evening time which makes it simpler to spot them.
  • 10. They have sharp teeth that can harm your furnishings, tree logs, and numerous different things.

You have to get proficient assistance from the possum controlling agencies near you, when you feel possum infestations, as living with possums under the same rooftop can be destructive!

Precautionary Steps To Take Against Possums

When you have had a possum expelled from your property, there might be a need to take some preventive measures to guarantee it does not return. This could include fixing all conceivable possum entryways, focusing in and around your living habitat. Keep in mind the hanging branches of the trees in your courtyard or garden can likewise be an issue. These overhanging branches cater to easy access to these possums, in search of shelter and food, inside your house rooftop or attic.
Ensure your house waste is properly well-secured and that any pet food is not kept open or in those places where it is easy for the possums’ access.

Possums Evacuation – How Is It Done

  • Our possum specialists start by finding its entry point in your house rooftops.
  • A pen trap is set over that particular section point.
  • We take a day’s time to ensure that we get all possums evacuated from the rooftop.
  • Once the creature is caught, we place it in a dark and dim place, while we conceal the entire zone to stop further possum infestation.
  • Area sealing includes fixing up the rooftop’s entrance point and sprinkling disinfectant or repellents on that particular section to cover the creature’s body odor from attracting it later.
  • We let loose the possums, mainly during sunset time. By following the legal proceedings, it must be discharged within fifty meters of where it was caught.

Diy Remedies To Get Rid Of Possums

  • Cleaning the Rooftops and backyards – Clean all debris from the eating areas, rooftops and backyards and securely stash these inside the trash bins and garbage cans.
  • Use Mothballs – Box of mothballs does wonders if strewn in the places that are regularly infested by Possums.
  • Seal all the Vents – Seal all the entryways. You can use the electrified barrier too.
  • Chop Down Long Branches of Trees
  • Get rid of their old living habitats and spray repellents
  • A fence around the house – To control the possums, electrical and joined wire fencing is a smart thought.
  • Use Ammonia as a Deterrent – Alkali is the effective method of expelling them from the house and gardens since it smells horrendous.
  • Introduce Sprinkler in Your Yard – You ought to introduce sprinklers in the spots where you speculate that the possums will make their home.
  • Contact a trusted local Possum exterminating expert
  • Use Spice – Stew powder in bottle
  • Use Cat or Dog Hair – The smell of their hair is the best stunt to trick possums that there could be some other creature close to the house, who can expel or kill them!

Remove Possums From Your Roof – Basic Steps To Follow

Prior to any technique to expel possums, note that possums are ensured under the Wildlife Act of 1975. They should not be killed or hurt or even kept inside cages from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. So, when you are performing a possum extermination process, be amazingly mindful so as to think about the creature and the various rules following the same. Possums have attacked homes in light of the fact that their regular natural surroundings have been altered because of deforestation and massive cultivation processes. Melbourne landowners have announced a genuinely high occurrence of possums particularly in the residential areas close to the shrublands. On the off chance that you are positive about taking care of creatures, at that point you should contact your closest possum handler like us – Humane Possum Removal for all proficient and self-reliant assistance for dead possum removal.

Stage 1: Identify The Type Of Possums Living In Your Roof

The Brushtail and the Ringtail Possum are the two sorts of possums found in rural Australia. In the woods, these creatures live in tree hollows. In urban areas where there are restricted trees, possums use roofs, rooftops, and overhang as their hideaways. These spots are safe places for them since they are warm and dry giving a protected place to rest during the day. Brushtail Possums inhabiting most of Melbourne are copper-colored with a rugged thick tail. They feed on various flowers, leaves, and natural products. They are exceptionally boisterous while guarding their hideouts. Ringtails are smaller in size and not as normal-looking and ordinary as the Brushtails. They have long, tightening and thick tails, agreeable in nature and not boisterous like Brushtails.

Stage 2: Blocking Possum Entry Points

Around 95 percent of possums in Melbourne make their entrances into houses by means of trees. Trees give a fast and simple mode of access for possums to go into your rooftop. You can introduce aluminum or plastic gatekeepers around fully-grown trees. Trim the branches that can help these animals to move into the house rooftop. Possums are good sprinters, so you have to limit a possum’s entry to the house rooftop by trimming trees and bushes by five to six meters each.

Stage 3: Remove Possums Already Habiting the Roof, Ceiling, and Eaves

Possums are very fiery, particularly the Brushtail implying that they can lift a rooftop tile effectively while scanning for a spot to live.

  • Examine the roof to check for openings they may have used to advance in. You can do this by checking for the same during daylight in the roof.
  • Then, put a bright light in the rooftop gap for around three to four evenings in order to make their stay difficult, as they are nocturnal animals. This will drive the possum out!
  • Block off these holes in the wake of ensuring that the possum is not inside the same sleeping.
  • Spray the possum infested area with a good and effective disinfectant to eradicate the creature’s body odor, and discontinue on their re-occurrence.
  • Abstain from using any unsafe and toxic synthetic substances to expel their foul-smelling body odor, as it tends to be harmful to all possums.

Stage 4: Install A Possum Nesting Box

You can give an elective home to the possum by introducing a powerful and weatherproof possum box for Brushtails or Ringtails. Fix the possum box to a tree and place it sufficiently high, so that the creature will be far off from cats and dogs. You can contact experts from Humane Possum Removal to build the home. They are always well-equipped to build the possum boxes so that the same lasts long.

Stage 5: Deter Possums Using Traps and Repellents

You can deter possums with different possum evacuation methods and using safe anti-agents. Possum sprays are broadly accessible in the market, and along with the same, you can also introduce possum spikes all-along the head of the fence to debilitate their entrance. It is illegal to kill these pests when they have made your rooftop their home, as per government regulations. There are possum traps, widely sold in many pest control retail outlets which you can use to trap possums and let them loose around evening time. Remember that these irritable Possums must be let free in their own area, that is, in and around fifty to sixty meters of the site where they are caught.

Possum Extermination In Melbourne And Surrounding Areas – Estimated Expenses

Humane Possum Removal is a specialist in expelling dead possums from your house rooftops and attics. Our possum removal costs extend somewhere in the range of $150 to $350, which is less expensive than most other pest control agencies in Melbourne. The over-all expenses are very reasonable from our side, initiating at $150 for quick possum exterminations, and $350 when there is more work included with the same. That includes catching the possum while sealing the entire possum infested territory permanently.
In the event that you have a possum in your house rooftop or attic region, our Humane Possum Removal experts are fully authorized to meet-out all the related possum extermination tasks.

Why Choose Humane Possum Removal in Melbourne?

  • We have a group of exceptionally gifted and well-prepared experts.
  • Our group has been engaged in possum extermination for over a decade.
  • We take full responsibility for safe and viable expulsion of possum from all possum-infested premises.
  • The services we give are completely ensured and result oriented.
  • Our experts believe in total consumer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • We can handle any kind of possum nuisance present at the premises.
  • We have a group of possum extermination specialists with 24×7 accessibility of all the concerned services.
  • Our all services are government registered.
  • We use eco-accommodating arrangements during the possum removal services.
  • We additionally cater to solving all critical situations to all our revered customers of Melbourne.

Hire Humane Possum Removal Melbourne Exterminators

Possum extermination and sealing the rooftop is a piece of a home support venture that is disregarded by numerous individuals until these clamoring and scuttering possums make one’s night hour an awkward one! On the off chance that you discover the possum extermination process troublesome on your own, you should contact us, the Humane Possum Removal in Melbourne. We are one of the trusted possum exterminators proficient in catering to all related requirements. You can rely upon us with all confidence and faith. We are the authorized possum control agency in Melbourne who can assist you with expelling these destructive pests from your living premise and give you a secured life.

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