Possum Removal Methods

Eco-Friendly Methods To Remove Possum Removal From Your Property

In Australia, the countryside is home to many wild animals LIVING WITH WILDLIFE. One of these wild animals is the possum. Possums are marsupial mammals found in Australia, and they’re also the nation’s most common nocturnal animal. Possums are able to move fast and climb trees easily. They’re also good at hiding in bushes, tree hollows, and grasses. They can be quite a nuisance to humans when they’re hungry. Food and safety attract possums to human dwellings and they manage their way through roofs, backyards, underdecks, and holes. A possum can cause extensive damage to a home and the surrounding area, and it can be difficult to get rid of.

We advise you to always keep a safe distance from possums. In most cases, we close all existing entry points and assist them to leave the area through one open exit point and after they move out, we even close that hole.

In some cases, we use possum-catching boxes and fencing the yard and garden as a possum prevention solution. Every time, we keep in mind that possums should not be harmed in any way, they should be relocated to their original habitat.

It’s illegal to kill or injure a possum without a legal reason to do so under Australian law. In addition, it’s illegal to sell or trade a possum without getting the proper permits from the government.

Eco-Friendly Methods To Remove Possum Removal From Your Property

Our Exhaustive Possum Removal Services And Steps

  • Possums can find secret places and hide easily. Inspection is critical to the efficacy of possum management.  It will assist you in determining the specific position of the possums in your house. Our crew will thoroughly check your property to make the possum removal procedure go as smoothly as possible.
  • Catch and relocate possums, cages, nets, and boxes are used which are made specifically for this purpose. 
  • After the removal, we find out their entry points and close and seal them permanently if possible. We use our understanding of how to construct a structural barrier on the house or building to deter possums. 
  • For effective results, fencing in your garden areas, property boundaries, and backyards is implemented.
  • Identifying food sources helps us to adapt our intervention program to your individual home or company. Identifying and removing food sources often assists us to direct possums away from your property. 

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