How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Possum

Possum Removal Services

Possums could provide a multitude of benefits to the urban environments and ecosystem, but because of their destructive nature, they are considered a pest. When these nocturnal marsupials start to build a nest inside your premises, they not only damage your property but also contaminate the edibles, leading to life-threatening diseases. That is why seeking professional help to remove the possums becomes crucial. Speaking of possum removal, most homeowners ask how much does it cost to remove a possum?

Well, the average national possum removal cost ranges somewhere between $200 and $400. The removal cost usually relies on the number of visits required to remove the possums, the number of possums to remove, the intricacy involved in the process, etc. For a clearer view, we are going to break down the factors that determine the cost and discuss them separately.

Possum Removal Services

How much does it cost to remove a possum? The most basic estimation

As per the estimation, most Australian households pay approximately $250 to eradicate a possum family from the chimney. On the other, if there is only a possum, the removal cost could be a lot less, say around $150. Also, the expense can rise up to around $500 if you want to remove a mother possum with its babies. The professionals could charge separately for cleaning the droppings and mess created by the pests along with the preventive measurements.

Possum removal expenses by location

While answering the question: how much does it cost to remove a possum discussing the location is a must. It is because there is a big difference in the price chart between the outdoor and indoor possum removal treatment.

Outdoor possum removal treatment

Generally, in the case of outdoor possum removal treatment, the cost rotates around $150 to $250. In case you own a trailer along with skirting the chances for a possum to reside under your house are high. Inspecting this space is harder than one can think, so setting traps is the only way to remove the pest. The trap set-up itself is a task hassle, which is why some possum catchers could ask for a tip.

Indoor possum removal treatment

Contrastingly, the cost for indoor possum removal comes between $250 and $500. These animals love to build their nest in the attic, ceiling vents, and walls as well. And removing those animals from those hard-to-access spots is tricky, which in turn, increases the average price estimation. In fact, the price can drop as well if there is not much hassle.

Possum removal expenses by the procedure

There are several techniques for removing a possum from your home, such as removing them by hand, setting traps, snare poles, etc. And the removal cost hugely depends on the process you opt for. For instance, if you have a possum in your attic and you want to remove it manually or through a snare pole in just one trip, it will cost you around $150. The more visits professional possum catchers make the more amount you would require to pay.

While some professionals include the cleanup charge along with the mentioned price, others could charge for it separately. If there is more than one possum and they are hard to locate, the only suitable option left to catch them is by setting traps. Setting lethal traps is against the law. So, make sure not to arrange a DIY trap and always seek help from certified professionals.

Depending on the type and number of traps, you would need to pay an amount of around $250 to $350 including the clean-up services. For sealing the entry points and mending the damages caused by the marsupial, you might need to spend additional charges. With each return trip, the professionals could ask for an extra $100. Well, the trip expense could vary from one professional to another.

As per state law, killing or hurting possums is illegal. That is why professionals have to be of utmost caution while handling extermination. It is the reason that increases the expenses of the possum removal cost.

Possum removal expenses depend on the circumstances

It’s not just the location or removal process that decides how much it costs to remove a possum, the circumstances of the event play a big role in the cost estimation. The aspects such as the severity of the infestation, site of the nest, duration of the total removal treatment, etc., are equally significant when chalking out the pricing char.

Though mentioning the upfront price rates is definitely not possible. But keeping in mind all the possibilities, the possum removal could be as low as $150 or as high as $500, relying on the circumstances of the infestation status. There are a few pest elimination firms that offer dead possum removal services as well! They could charge you about $150 for dead possum removal. Here too, the price can alter, depending on the conditions.

How much does it cost to remove a possum for an emergency purpose?

When a possum threatens humans or pets or acts maliciously, you must seek emergency possum removal services. The experts would appear at your doorstep in no time and take the marsupial with them safely, restoring normalcy. However, for emergency services, you would require paying an additional charge. Some firms could ask for an extra $100 for emergency services, which means the emergency outdoor treatment would come to around $250 to $350 and the emergency indoor treatment could be somewhere between $350 to $600.

Final Words

We hope our write-up has helped to give you an idea about how much it costs to remove a possum. Well, this is just an estimation that we have presented before you through our market research. To know the exact quote, you would require asking your respective professional whom you are hiring. Generally, possum catchers offer a quote only after making an assessment of the situation, infestation status, and hassle concerned.