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Possum Removal Warrandyte – Did you wake up all of a sudden at night due to the banging on noise in your roof? This might be a possum for sure that has been disturbing you with the growling noises made by them. You may feel their presence at night as they are nocturnal i.e they become active at night. Are you looking for a professional possum catcher in Warrandyte? Humane Possum Removal Warrandyte has a team of certified and wildlife handlers.

We offer dynamic and humane possum removal services all across Warrandyte. Our team of professionals is well trained to catch the possums. As required by the Wildlife Act 1975, we have experts in evicting Possums from the property.

After catching the possums, we will be locating the entry points from where the possums used to enter the premises and will carry on with sealing and repairing of the entry points to ensure that these possums don’t return back to your property.

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Hiding Spots of Possums

To live and grow, possums also find the best places where they can reside. So, here are some locations where they commonly hide and make their nest over that place.




Under Deck



Warrandyte Possum Removal Process


We catch all the possums who are residing in your premises at first. Our professional catchers are humane which causes no harm to the possums.


After catching, we relocate them and leave them from where they have arrived. According to the local laws, we can only relocate them within 50 metres.

Seal Off

Possums being clever can again enter your house. So, to avoid this, we seal off all the entry points which is the most important step in the process.


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Types of Possums We Catch

Brush Tail Possum

Pygmy Possums

Feathertail Possum

Green Tail Possum

Ring Tail Possum

Stripped Possum

How Much Does Possum Removal Cost?

If we talk about the cost, it is not just one but there are a number of variables that determine the cost of possum removal services. We also consider the number of holes do we need to block or repair. There are many ways to catch a possum, some of those ways can be expensive. To remove the possums from the premises it is always recommended to call a professional for the job. We also offer 100% guaranteed removal of possums from the premises.

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With the best removal of possums our expert team offers these services at affordable and competitive prices. We offer the best quality services by just spending fewer bugs.


Our team of professionals never compromise with the quality of the service. The untrained person can ruin the situation and make it bad to worse. That is the reason why we employ experts.


We aim to control the present situation of the premises and giving recommendations to prevent the property from possums. We guaranteed that possum will never get back in…

Areas We Serve

Are you looking for a nearby Possum Catching team? Fed up of those furry possums? Contact Humane Possum Removal Melbourne not only provide the Possum Catching services. We have a team of local experts who provide services all across Melbourne. Here is the list of suburbs where we provide the possum removal services. Don’t worry, our team of professionals provides the services on the same day bookings as we understand the urgency of the clients. So, book your appointment now anytime and anywhere. We provide possum catcher & removal services in these surrounding areas.